Sending SMS Messages in the UK with Infusionsoft (24x.com)

First set up a 24x.com account – then follow these simple steps for sending SMS messages with Infusionsoft in the UK.

In Campaign Builder you will create a sequence and at the time you wish to send an SMS you will put a ‘HTTP Post' process icon.


Then enter the following url into the URL Box:

So it looks like this:

You can use the following variables to set up your message

$number = The Mobile Number you wish to send to
$message = The message you would like to send
$username = Your 24x.com username
$password = Your 24x.com password
$from = Where you want the message to be sent from

So your settings in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder will look like this…


or if you want to lay out the variables in the boxes below the url you can do it like this…


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