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If you’re committed to the success of small businesses, we want you on our team. The Fullstack Marketing Partner Program is designed to empower partners who are helping Small Businesses Succeed through the use of Marketing Automation, CRM, Sales Funnels and cutting edge strategy. The program is designed to provide value to both our partners and the clients that you serve.

What Can Our

Certified Partner Program Do For You?

Generate More
Leads and Clients

“I just wants more clients”

Partner Directory

Tap into Fullstack’s massive community to partner up on projects and deals

Copy and Paste Emails

Leverage the experience of the group to get training and help on how to attract, sell and close more clients

Systemize and Scale
Your Marketing



Train your team, expand your service offerings

Sample Agreements

Review and modify our client agreements

Generate More
Leads and Clients

“I want to build predictable value”

Partner Community

Tap into fellow partners and never say “No” to a client again

Template Library

Use our templates to do work you wouldn’t normally do


Become a Keap Certified Consultant

If you are already consulting around sales and marketing the next step is to extend your value by providing your clients with a powerful CRM and integrated automated follow-up strategy.

It’s one more way for you to accelerate your clients’ growth and drive their success.

As a Business Partner, you’ll have the right to resell Keap (and Infusionsoft by Keap) and bundle your services with the software. With this option, you will be a Keap Certified Consultant within the largest group of KCCs around the world. You will have access to:

Content publishing (to create scalable solutions for your clients)
Private Facebook Groups
Private Slack channel to keep you in the loop on all things Keap and more
Partner app status (so you don’t have to use a seat in your clients' apps)
You will have additional support from our large team
Additional business coaching, masterminds and training
Discounts and higher commissions for other software
And so much more!

We are looking for marketing professionals who can help us serve the needs of the small business community.

While you will be in the Fullstack Marketing family, you will maintain and run your own company as you always have…just with a lot more support when you need it. With the rapid growth and success in the small business industry, we know we cannot do this alone. Partner with us today and let’s help small businesses win…together.

Initial Cost For New
Certified Consultants:




($0 renewal fee if you sell more than 4 new Keap Accounts in the year)

Monthly Commission on Keap Applications Sold: 20% (additional commission available for high volume sales)
Training: Online Training and Certification

The Fullstack Marketing Growth Toolbox

(Or some of the really awesome reasons to partner with us…)

Sales Tools

Free, Pre-Qualified Leads PLUS Support and Camaraderie

When we have leads come in for sales or service, our partners are the first ones we are looking to for referring. We are creating resources, plugins and a community to help support your business so you can help your clients succeed.

Partner Portal

Marketing Tools that Attract Qualified Leads and Sales Tools that Close the Deal

You will have access to training, business boosters, referral tracking links and tons of content to help you grow your business. We are constantly adding and improving our assets to help you more.

Keap Access

Access to Keap Facebook groups, Partnercon, Third Party Apps and more!

You will have all of the same benefits of being an Keap Partner but you will have access to a close knit partner community and valuable leadership team that are here to support you. You will have access to strategic partenrships that are formed to give you higher recurring income and extreme discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between an Keap Certified Partner (KCP) and an Keap Certified Consultant (KCC)?

A: As of Dec 2018, Keap does not have any significant difference between the two. Keap Certified Consultants have access to all of the same resources, Facebook groups, partner portal, business booster, free third party apps, etc. as a Keap Certified Partner. While Keap may change their program at some point in the future, there is not any clear difference between the two titles.

Q: As a KCC, can I be ‘Admin’ in a clients app as a partner?

A: Yes, you still get partner status and can be ‘Admin’ in a client app as a partner (without them having to pay for an additional seat).

Q: If I leave Fullstack Marketing in the future, do I get to keep my commissions?

A: First, if you don’t renew with Keap you don’t keep commissions. The way Fullstack Marketing is set up anything you would sell, you get commissions for the time you are certified under Fullstack Marketing. If you decide to not renew or transfer your partner status, you would not receive any further commissions from Fullstack Marketing.

Q: Do I have to say that I am partnered with Fullstack Marketing or do I work for Fullstack Marketing?

A: No. You still have your own business or agency that is completely independent and you do not work for Fullstack Marketing. Think of us as the silent partner that wants to help your business grow.

Q: Can I earn commissions from selling Keap if I am a Fullstack Marketing KCC?

A: Yes! You still get 20% commission if you sell an app. Commissions are paid directly from Fullstack Marketing.

Q: Will I still have access to free partner apps such as Memberium, PlusThis, etc.?

A: Yes. Most of the third party apps that provide free accounts for Keap partners applies to Keap Certified Consultants. Plus, as part of the Fullstack Marketing team you will get access to other free tools and resources that are exclusively offered to Fullstack Marketing Partners.

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