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Marketing agency regains its personal touch.

Like most small business owners, Meny Hoffman was concerned that his company's growth was leading to a loss of personal touch with leads and clients. Ptex, a marketing agency specializing in everything from branding to websites to call centers, was flourishing—but customer experience was slipping.

The challenge

Meny realized that as the company grew, the overall customer experience and personal touch suffered. In addition, there was no concrete process in place for handling leads through the entire customer life cycle, and they were lacking a centralized data source. Ptex Group realized they needed a streamlined system that could provide a personal touch, generate new leads and drive profits.

The Infusionsoft solution

With Infusionsoft, Ptex Group gained better control over their sales and marketing. The integrated marketing automation and CRM tools enabled the company to provide their clients with a distinctive personal touch. The software also helped distribute leads to the company's four different divisions so that each division knew which leads it needed to nurture.

Infusionsoft revolutionized the Ptex Group's organizational systems by clearly documenting the marketing and sales cycles, making the next steps apparent. Infusionsoft's centralized data also simplified opportunity records, allowing staff to effectively use the data for sales purposes.

The new Ptex process

Ptex mapped out a precise funnel within Infusionsoft that includes numerous personalized emails and direct mail packages sent out at every stage of the sales and retention process, allowing them to keep in touch without devoting significant manpower, resources or time to marketing.

Keeping new and existing clients happy is also a top priority. Once a project is awarded to Ptex Group, a full sequence of steps are put into place, including an initial thank you email from the sales rep, a personal welcome email from the CEO, direct mail pieces including a signed letter of thanks with a real hand-written message, an order confirmation email, a satisfaction survey, and auto reminders for the sales team to follow up.

The results

By applying the remarkable benefits of Infusionsoft into the core of the company, Ptex has dramatically enhanced their public image by giving each client the feeling that they are getting the best in personalized customer relations. In addition, the sales team now has the necessary tools to more effectively go after new leads, follow up with old ones, and reach out to the existing client base with additional services.


Case Study
Brooklyn, NY
Meny Hoffman
Marketing Agency

Key Results:

Reduced advertising spending by roughly 24%
Increased customers by 15%
Boosted annual revenue by more than $1 million

“Now, we have data at our fingertips and can use it to make important decisions [like] pricing and messaging.”

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