How To Setup A WorldPay Account In Infusionsoft

How To Setup A WorldPay Account In Infusionsoft

WorldPay offer several merchant gateways however only one of these gateways is compatible for use in Infusionsoft. You need to apply for a Business Gateway Account (http://www.worldpay.com/products/index.php?page=ecom&sub=business&c=UK )

Once you have successfully setup this account Worldpay will email you a username and password you will need these in a later step.

  1. Send an email to [email protected] requesting the “invisible XML” privilege. (You must attach a copy of your Infusionsoft Subscription Invoice to prove to them you are using a PCI compliant cart and this must be either a JPG image or a PDF file)
  2.  You will receive emails from Worldpay instructing you on how to retrieve the following pieces of information
  • *Merchant Code
  • *XML Password
  • *Installation ID
  1. In your application hover over the Infusionsoft Logo to display the Master Nav
  2. In the Ecommerce section click on settings
  3. On the left hand navigation click on “Merchant Accounts”
  4. From the “Add Merchant Account” dropdown list select “WorldPay” (located at the very bottom of the list)
  5. Click into the Name field and enter a description of this merchant account so you will recognise it in dropdown lists
  6. Click in username and enter the username for your WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI)
  7. In merchant code enter the Merchant Code WorldPay sent to you in the invisible XML details email
  8. In the password field enter the password you use to login to your WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI)
  9. In XML Password enter the XML Password. When WorldPay sends you the Installation ID of your Invisible XML Installation they direct you to login to you WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) once there select “Installations from the left hand navigation, From the installation that says Invisible XML you will see your password indicated alongside it copy past that into this field in Infusionsoft.
  10. In Installation ID enter the Installation iD worldpay sent you in your invisible XML instructions email
  11. Put your mode to test mode
  12. Set your desired currency
  13. Set 3D secure to Yes
  14. your settings should now look something like this
  15. Press the green save button
  16. in your WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) click onto the Invisible XML Installation and configure the test configuration.
  17. in the store builder box select other from the dropdown list
  18. in the store builder if other field type in “Infusionsoft”
  19. then press the save changes button at the bottom of the screen. your settings should look something like this
    Invisible XML Test Configuration
  20. From your merchant accounts screen click on the “click here” link in the test account column and test using one of the test cards offered at Worldpay Test Cards Page to run a test transaction
  21. if the test transaction was successful return to your Invisible XML installation and click on the “copy to production” button. this will copy the settings above to your product (Live) installation.
  22. go and edit the merchant account in Infusionsoft and set the mode to live mode and press save.
  23. Go to your infusionsoft shopping cart or one of your order forms and run a live transaction through it with a real credit card.
  24. if the transaction is successful return to your WorldPay Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) and issue yourself a refund
  25. now go back to the invisible XML installation and click the activate link
  26. enter the website address of your stor and tick the box to confirm that addrress is correct
  27. in the big text area enter instructions on how WorldPay can run a transaction on your store to test that the integration works. Please note that before completing your request for activation your website must fully comply with  WorldPay's Website Rules until your website complies with these rules they will not activate your production account and you will be unable to take payments through it.

Once WorldPay activate your production mode of your Invisible XML Installation your account will be successfully setup and you can start taking money from your customers.

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