How To Setup A SagePay Account In Infusionsoft

How to setup a sagepay account in Infusionsoft

Sagepay offer a range of merchant accounts for customers in the UK & Ireland that enable you to take payments online or over the phone. For Infusionsoft you need to use the online payment gateway you can learn more about this gateway at http://www.sagepay.com/online-payments This gateway connects to Infusionsoft using a direct connection as Infusionsoft is an off the shelf shopping cart system.

Registering your account:

To apply for a SagePay Online Payment Gateway:

  1. Go to http://www.sagepay.com/online-payments
  2. Click the “Apply Online” button
  3. Click on the Apply Button
  4. Fill out the application form and click on the create account button
  5. You will now receive an email from Sagepay containing your account details which will direct you back to the apply button but this time you will click the login button
  6. Once you login you will be asked to change your password and then be aked to fill out some more info
  7. Then click next and fill out the remaining tabs for your account until registration is complete.
  8. Once registered go into Infusionsoft and bring up the master nav
  9. In ecommerce select settings
  10. From the left hand navigation select merchant accounts
  11. From the merchant account dropdown select “Sagepay (protx)”
  12. Now fill out all the details as follows.
  13. Set the name to something you will recognise in a merchant account dropdown when you see one.
  14. Set the vender to the vendor code given to you at the top of your company details page when you logged in to continue registration
  15. In currency select your desired currency
  16. Set no next to “send payment txtype”
  17. Set no to pass 000 as cvc
  18. For use 3d secure set this to match the setting in your sagepay portal
  19. Set account type to “default sagepay tries E, M then C”
  20. In avs/cv2 set it to “use config in sagepay”
  21. Account limit should be left as 0.00 unless you are going to be using multiple merchant accounts in a round robin payment configuration.
  22. Set to mode to live to take live transactions or test mode while testing the account. When done your settings should look something like this.
  23. At this point any transactions that you try to put through your sagepay account will now generate an error code of 4020 this indicates that you need to whitelist infusionsofts ip address range in order to complete your sagepay setup.
  24. To whitelist your IP Addresses go to https://live.sagepay.com/mysagepay/loginpage.msp;jsessionid=CCBD9D793688FDAF9758AA9AF5182AB4.app4 enter your vendor name, username and password (these should all have been given to you throughout the registration process.
  25. When you have logged in your account will look something like this

    Note: from this point onwards all screenshots are of a simulator account so the screens you see in the sagepay portal may look slightly different.
  26. Click on the account button
  27. Scroll down to valid ip address section and start adding in the following ip addresses


IP Address

Subnet Mask


  1. Your list of valid ip addresses should now look something like this.
  2. Now there is one final ip address to add but you cannot add this yourself via your portal so now pick up your phone and dial 0845 111 44 55 and ask the support rep to add the following ip address to your whitelist.

IP Address

Subnet Mask
  1. Once the support rep has done this run a test transaction in test mode using one of the following test cards to test that everything is working correctly.


Card Type Protx Card Name Card Number Issue Number
Visa Delta DELTA 4462000000000003 n/a
Visa Electron UK Debit UKE 4917300000000008 n/a
Mastercard MC 5404000000000001 n/a
UK Maestro MAESTRO 5641820000000005 01
International Maestro MAESTRO 300000000000000004 n/a
Solo SOLO 6334900000000005 1
American Express AMEX 374200000000004 n/a
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) JCB 3569990000000009 n/a
Diners Club DC 36000000000008 n/a
  1. Okay congratulations you have successfully setup sagepay in Infusionsoft.

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Contact SagePay technical support to ask them to add the following IP Address and subnet mask to your SagePay account configuration – you are not able to enter this IP address range because of its large size. They need to add this to BOTH the Live Account AND the Test Account.

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:

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