Keap DKIM Setup Guide: How You Can Do It & Why It’s Important


Keap just recently updated its software to allow you to setup DKIM without performing complex technical operations like generating public and private RSA keys.


DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a complex email protocol that allows a sender's identity to be authenticated by the recipient to help combat email fraud.

What does this mean in simple terms?

Simply that you're actually sending emails from your domain name, and that a spammer isn't spoofing your email address for malicious purposes.

So, why should I care?



Security: Your customers know you are who you say you are
Huge jump in deliverability

Emails are placed better (aren't you tired of having your mail sent to “Promotions” all the time?)

Okay, I see the importance of DKIM now… How do I set it up?

No sweat. Simply click here to download a guide we've put together. Just follow Steps 1-7 and you should be up and running in no time.

Get Your DKIM Setup NOW


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