Spa Retail Success Story


Effective nurturing helps one retailer double his sales.

When you're selling a high-dollar product, it helps to have an effective, strategic lead nurturing system in place. For Swim Fitness, Infusionsoft turned out to be just the system they needed to sell their high-end swim spas.

Joe uses web forms that enable leads to choose the product they're interested in, which helps Swim Fitness create tailored educational campaigns. Plus, Infusionsoft automatically schedules a series of tasks for the assigned sales rep, including follow-up reminders. With intelligent automation staying in touch with his customers, Joe and his team get a lot more done in a lot less time.

Joe Stone

Clements, CA
Joe Stone

Key Results:

More than doubled sales in 1 year
Automated nurture campaigns
Got more done with less time and money

“What I love about Infusionsoft is it puts all of my marketing and communications, and all of my direct consumer interaction, under one umbrella.”

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