Estate Planning Success Story


Automation frees up precious time for this dad.

David's business is all about taking care of families. From wills and trusts to full estate planning, David and his associates help people put their affairs in order so their families are protected.

PrivateCounsel spent far too much time and money marketing the business and trying to stay top-of-mind to leads in the pipeline. If the team was busy with existing clients, new leads often received no follow-up until long after they expressed interested. But once he got Infusionsoft, David's team put the automation tools to work.

Now, the company easily captures leads through web forms. And when the client roster is full, automated emails continue to follow up with new leads coming in.

Knowing his prospects and clients are taken care of helped David get through a difficult time with his own family. Over a year after he began using Infusionsoft, David and his wife welcomed a baby girl with a serious heart defect. Thanks to the software's automation capabilities, David was free to spend valuable time with his daughter during her recovery, without having to worry about his business.

“…Truthfully, I would have gone out of business if it weren't for the fact that I had a system like Infusionsoft that was keeping everything on track and running,” says Hiersekorn.


Case Study
Placentia, CA
David Hiersekorn
Estate Planning

Key Results:

Automated follow-up gave him back precious time to spend with his ill daughter

“The crazy irony is that because of Infusionsoft, I've taken my weakness, which is the follow-up, and now it's one of my competitive advantages.”

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