The Business Wealth Club Newbury Launch: A great day for Automated Marketing

Today, as one of the main sponsors of Business Wealth Club, Automated Marketing team have attended the Business Wealth Club Newbury Launch Event.

Because the event started at 7am,  we had to leave the night before to make sure that we have plenty of time in the morning to prepare for the event. We are based in Cheshunt so the single journey by car required roughly 2 hours to arrive there.

(Newbury Manor Hotel, the venue of the event)

We had our stands and promotional materials at the entrance. This is one example of how we always succeed to stage a dramatic entrance in the business world.  Hopefully it worked!

At 7am, the participants started to come and we had 1 hour of networking. Sleepiness and anticipation were all gone by then, as we were totally engaged in our conversations with the participants.

At 8am, everyone was escorted into a big hall. We sat at the tables and had breakfast together. We then had a group discussion on who had the best business card at the table. Unfortunately we did not win. But it was a great ice-breaker to learn about the people who shared the table.

Then our CEO, Marc P Summers , performed a wonderful 10 minutes presentation on the theme of “Follow-up Failures.”

In a nutshell, he discussed how entrepreneurs do no realize missing out so much by not following up the leads properly and how we can solve this problem by implementing a system in place.

After Marc's presentation, it was time for 40-seconds elevator pitch by every participant.  It was a scary experience for a new team member Hide who just started working for Automated Marketing a week ago but he managed to tell the participants that we are the CRM expert and that we are giving out free demonstration of how to use Infusionsoft!

We then had a presentation about how to successfully outsource admin work by Ms Julie Farmer, who is a director of MyPA Business, the another main sponsor for this event.

After that, we had a presentation about the Business Wealth Club by Mr Dave Griffin, who is the Mentor of the Business Wealth Club Newbury.

When his presentation was over, it was already 10am. After a short break, we had a workshop by the founder of the Business Wealth Club, Mr Paul Avins.

He is a world's famous business coach and in the last 7 years, he has successfully generated more than £100 million in sales and profits for the businesses that he coaches. During the workshop, he taught us the all marketing/personal strategies that he implemented to increase the sales of his clients. Here are some memorable quotes:

“You have to learn if you want to earn. Invest 10% of your income for your learning. “

“You only get paid if you have DONE it.”

“Clarity is POWER.”

“Try to have at least 10 marketing strategies to generate leads.”

“Money loves speed.”

(From left to right: Marc P Summers, Mr Paul Avins, Mr Dave Griffin)

It was a great privilege to attend this event because we were able to speak with great entrepreneurs who are just passionate about learning and sharing their experiences.  It was truly a great experience for Automated Marketing team.

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