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Rightmove Order Importer to Infusionsoft



Rightmove Infusionsoft Integration

Our new Rightmove Infusionsoft Integration system is a monitoring script that checks for new orders placed through your Rightmove store and then it can also be set to start follow-up sequences based on categories or products purchased. This will allow your customers to see the full range of your products that might be of interest to them based on their purchases, thereby increasing your bottom line. This script can be set to run every day, every hour, or even every MINUTE to keep your Infusionsoft application up to date with your customers order history. Do you want to automatically import data into your Infusionsoft application on a regular basis? Combine the marketing automation power of your Infusionsoft application with the Sales Information from your shopping cart. Using the Universal Importer synchronisation script allows you to automatically

  • add the customer to your Infusionsoft database
  • add the products they ordered to Infusionsoft with appropriate tags
  • add the order to Infusionsoft with the products linked
  • mark the order as paid

You Will

  • Use this customer information to trigger automated follow-up sequences that will deliver targeted product suggestions, thereby increasing your sales.

Supported Installation

  • Book a day for Information Street to install the product and have a 30 minute 1 to 1 tutorial
  • 1 year free upgrade for future releases

Price  £997 + VAT/ $1497 Universal Infusionsoft Importer Upgrade Service Included within initial purchase is 1 year free online support and upgrades of future releases within the first year. Upgrade Service after  first 12 months What’s included:-

  • Upgrade to latest software releases during the subscription period
Instructions on installation of latest version.
  • Online support for technical issues via
  • Annual Subscription fee USD £257 + VAT / $397

What’s not included:-
 Assisted support in upgrade installation – Additional fee £197 + VAT / USD $297 per installation.

What if I do not have Infusionsoft yet? Can I buy Infusionsoft through you?

Yes, Information Street is one of Infusionsoft Top Worldwide Sales Partners and have their own Infusionsoft Certified Consultants who have helped hundreds of companies implement Infusionsoft and get the most out of it. We are able to sell you Infusionsoft and take care of your Kickstart. Best of all, we can sometimes offer you great combined pricing saving you money. Contact us for more details.


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