Connect your WooCommerce Store with Infusionsoft

Gordon Drayson, Founder of DraysonDesign

Truly world class eCommerce experiences for the end user, while maintaining all of the automation goodness that Infusionsoft can offer.

Ever wondered if it's possible to connect your WooCommerce Store to your Infusionsoft application?

Using Connector4 Infusionsoft for WooCommerce, you can:

  • Simply add products to WooCommerce, or alternatively import products that have been set up in Infusionsoft.
  • Automatically add tags to customers when they purchase products, on a per product basis, allowing you to follow up, upsell, and support using the Campaign Builder.
  • Works wonderfully with Infusionsoft’s affiliate system.
  • Use Infusionsoft Merchant Accounts or any WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Import All Your Existing Products Quick and Easy

This sales page follows a simple structure: for every feature in your product (or for every chapter in your info-product), create one of these sections.

Each sections consists of an image that visualizes the feature or chapter and some text that explains the benefit that this feature or chapter delivers to the customer.


Install In Less Than 5 Mins

Easy installation, lets you get to work straight away.


Adds Clients to Your Infusionsoft Follow Up Campaigns Automatically

WooCommerce is fully integrated with Infusionsoft. When a purchase is made through your site your customer will automatically be tagged, allowing for upsells, automated follow up, and support using the Campaign Builder!


All Customer Information Passed to Infusionsoft

All your customer and order information will be passed into Infusionsoft automatically when a purchase is made.

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See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

This Plugin Saved Me! I really needed multiple shopping gateways when using Infusionsoft. This plugin allows me to use WooCommerce (which is the best shopping cart out there) and still connect every order and customer into my Infusionsoft campaigns. The support is great as well. They were more than responsive to any issues I had with the setup. This is coming from someone who is very picky about paying for plugins…I HIGHLY recommend this one if you are using Infusionsoft.

Pete Currington

Highly recommended. I was unsure if this product would do what I wanted, but I needn’t have worried, as this product did everything I wanted and more. As well as allowing me to link my WooCommerce shop to Infusionsoft to allow it to take payments with my merchant account, it also imported products I already had in Infusionsoft, and when I created a new product in Woo – it transferred that over to IS without me having to do anything. When orders are taken, they appear right inside IS allowing me to trigger campaigns based on what they ordered – it is just perfect.

Gordon Drayson

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