Templates for the Taking: 27 email templates for you to swipe and use today

Templates are a great way to break that email writer’s block so you can quickly setup your campaign and become an editor rather than an author.  Why not save time and swipe some free ones today?

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Get a head start and grab your Email Templates today

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66% of US online consumers, ages 15 and up made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages.

Don't worry about being an author, become an editor.

The day in the life of a small business owner is never easy.  you start the day with a list of 10 things to do and before you finish the first item on your list...boom... something happens that needs your immediate attention and your to do list carries over into tomorrow.  

Does that sound familiar?

With the limited time and resources, you need to do everything you can to save time and make things easier.

Using proven templates for your email marketing is just plain smart.  It allows you to be an editor, rather than an author and frankly I am sure there are many other things you would rather be doing than writing email copy. 

To save you time and make life easy, we have compiled 27 of our best performing email templates and put together this guide.  this guide will explain exactly who to send it to and when.

These templates include:

  • Flash sale announcements
  • Referral requests
  • Follow-up emails

Do not let writing email copy keep you up at night!  Download these email templates today below.