25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

Automation trumps determination!  In this e-book you will learn about 25 things ever business can and should be automating.     Download this e-book to discover how marketing automation can help grow your business.

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Discover What Automation Can Do For You

68 %
Using Marketing Automation

68% of businesses ranked as ‘top performing’ are using automation in their marketing strategies "Pardot"

These top-performing businesses were also found to enjoy larger revenue growth, more lead-to-sales conversion and better customer satisfaction.

Automation can be incorporated into every aspect of your business.  In this e-book, you will learn how to automate six area in your business.

1. Leads

  • Respond quickly to email contact requests
  • Lead assignment
  • Following up with clients you miss the first time
  • Following up with connections from live events
  • Offering lead magnets to capture new prospects

2. Sales

  • Set up a sale pipeline to help manage your sales
  • Leverage lead scoring to determine hot prospects
  • Nurture prospects who are not ready to buy
  • Welcome and wow your new clients

3. Online Sales/E-commerce

  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Follow up on abandoned carts and failed purchases
  • Stay on top of billing charges

4. Customer service

  • Ensure clients get help when they need it
  • Automate reminders for appointments
  • Survey customers to gauge satisfaction
  • Automate the referral process
  • Cleanse your marketing list to help avoid spam
  • Recover lost passwords
  • Send Birthday greetings to your customers
  • Gain social media followers

5.  Events

  • Automate your event registration process
  • Promote events on Facebook

6.  Office Management

  • Bring efficiency to repetivie tasks
  • Send and receive documents
  • Collect Job applications

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