WisP Case Study: Online Turbo Start – Online Kickstarter For Infusionsoft

Learning to use Infusionsoft can be broken down into a series of steps, and easy to absorb information that can take absolute beginners to becoming proficient Infusionsoft users in just a few hours of targeted training.

At Information Street, we realised that this knowledge transition can be implemented in the form of short video tutorials, delivered to users who can learn at their own pace, and in small chunks at a time. To this effect, we've launched Online Turbo Start – where users can purchase this video course as a Infusionsoft kickstarter to complement their Infusionsoft app.

What We Wanted To Accomplish Through Online Turbo Start

We created the course for the following reasons:

  1. To provide users with Infusionsoft know-how, small bits of information at a time
  2. To make it easy for them to progress as a flow through a treasure trove of information
  3. To make them accountable for completing every lesson, so that they get maximum value out of the product.

Technically, this meant we needed a system that could do the following:

  1. Grant access to paying members, and deny access to the general public.
  2. Users should be able to progress course by course, at their own pace
  3. Users should be prompted to complete every lesson when they start it

Screenshot 2015-02-14 11.33.46

This would mean we would have to bring out our big guns – this website would need to be a combination of Sensei, WisP, WooCommerce, Connector4 WooCommerce, and lastly, an Infusionsoft campaign that manages everything and integrates everything above.

Sensei, a learning management system, in and of itself has the power to block off access to its courses to non-paying members. But we prefer WisP's access control, and Tag adding and tracking features over any other third party solution, so we setup WisP on the system.

This case study has TWO key learnings that we will share with you over the course of this article:

  1. Purchase and Access Control
  2. Accountability Tracking 

Purchase and Access Control

Online Turbo Start has been setup in such a way that people can either purchase it directly from our website, or through Infusionsoft Order Forms.

  • In our Infusionsoft Account, we created a Product called Online Turbo Start
  • We installed WooCommerce and Sensei on our domain www.onlineturbostart.com
  • We installed WisP and Connector4WooCommerce on our domain.

A quick note: Sensei's access control takes place in such a way that even if you allow people access to the website, it has a quirk that if you've kept your course as a Paid course (which we did), it doesn't allow users to access it until it sees an Order come into the WooCommerce backend!

Luckily, we've anticipated this with an earlier install of Sensei, and configured a script directly into WisP. Users have the option that when WisP creates users in your WordPress website, it can also add an Order to your WooCommerce backend indicating a purchase.

Screenshot 2015-02-14 11.47.58

Hence, aside from the “normal” WisP user creation parameters, we defined 2 other fields in the HTTP Post:

  • WooCommerce Product ID – which was setup to be the Product ID of our Online Turbo Start product course in WooCommerce
  • A Tag ID – so every user who was manually created in the System was Tagged with a “Manually Order Push” – for the sake of business intelligence.

So the user flow goes the following way:

Customer purchases OTS > User gets created for this customer on the website and an Order gets pushed to WooCommerce > User gets email with username and password to our website, including a magic login link > User now has full access to the website, and a Members area on the sidebar.

Hence, a full blown membership website is now created.

Accountability Tracking

The real genius behind Online Turbo Start is how it keeps you accountable for completing lessons. To setup an accountability system, we setup an Infusionsoft campaign called User Accountability. Here's how we set it up.

We first created 2 Tag categories:

  1. OTS Lesson Viewed
  2. OTS Lesson Complete

For every single lesson in our course, we setup a Tag from each of the above categories. So, for example, “Create Your Infusionsoft ID” would have 2 Tags associated with it:

  • OTS Lesson Viewed -> Create Your Infusionsoft ID
  • OTS Lesson Completed -> Create Your Infusionsoft ID

Therefore, the main idea would be:

Find out how many people have started a particular course

Find out if they've finished it yet.

If they haven't – remind them.

We can split up the Accountability system into 2 major parts, and walk you through both of them:

Tracking Lesson Viewed

This part is relatively straightforward – WisP has the feature to add Tag on page view. We configured each lesson with the appropriate Lesson Viewed Tag.

Screenshot 2015-02-14 12.03.07

Tracking Lesson Completed

Each Sensei lesson, if not completed, has a button at the end of the Lesson that says Complete Lesson.

Screenshot 2015-02-14 12.04.17

This button has an integrated Hook with WisP that tells WisP to add any specified Tag ID to the Contact as soon as this button is clicked.

By simply appending the following code to the end of every lesson, you can harness the power of this feature.

[[WisP sensei_user_lesson_end=”TAGID” /]]

Simply replace the TAGID in the above shortcode with the appropriate Lesson Completed Tag for this particular lesson.

We now have a system that can track every single lesson that a user starts, and completes.

Now we can setup an Infusionsoft Campaign that holds the user accountable for each and every lesson on this course!

Screenshot 2015-02-14 12.09.34

Screenshot 2015-02-14 12.10.16

Here's how we've setup the reminder system.

  1. User gets Lesson Started Tag for Lesson #1.
  2. After 3 days, check to see if Lesson Completed Tag has been applied for Lesson #1.
  3. If yes, send Congratulatory email for completed lesson #1. Prompt them to move on to Lesson #2.
  4. If no, send them reminder email #1, saying Its been 3 days since you started Lesson #1.
  5. After 27 days, check to see if Lesson Completed Tag has been applied for lesson #1.
  6. If yes, send Congratulatory email for completed lesson #1. Prompt them to move on to Lesson #2.
  7. If no, send them reminder email #2, saying Its been a month since you started Lesson #1 – can we help?
  8. Repeat for all lessons in the course.

This leads the user through a smooth flow, right from Lesson number 1 to the end of the course. All the links we send them, either to start or finish a lesson are all “WisP links” – which means they log you in automatically, saving you effort of typing in passwords again and again.

The key here is, the more hoops you need the user to jump through, the less likely it is for them to do the actions you need them to do. Reducing all the effort to login, complete lessons etc makes sure that all they need to do is to watch videos, and click the Lesson Complete button.

Caveat: “Don't hold me accountable!”

We understand that some of our users might be Infusionsoft experts, self motivated, or simply get too many emails every single day without adding a 200 email sequence to their Contacts with Online Turbo Start. We don't want these people clicking the Unsubscribe (or worse, Mark As Spam) button on our accountability emails, which damages our reputation.

Screenshot 2015-02-14 12.21.00

We've configured this into our systems as well.

  1. Setup a Tag called “Do Not Hold Accountable”
  2. Offer the users an option in your email to opt out of accountability emails.
  3. By simply clicking that link in their email, the Do Not Hold Accountable Tag gets applied to their contact in Infusionsoft. (configure this using the Insert Link Feature in your Infusionsoft Email Creator, by clicking the small “+” button next to the link field)
  4. Now, setup “escape” logic in your Infusionsoft Accountability Campaign to check – If user Contains “Do Not Hold Accountable Tag” -> DO NOT email them. If user DOES NOT Contain “Do Not Hold Accountable Tag” – send accountability email.


We thus have a fully functional, streamlined system to make sure each user who chooses to self-teach themselves Infusionsoft has access to a no frills, easy to use system that ensures maximum knowledge transition with minimum user involvement. OTS acts as a hand-holder that guides the users through the flow we've carefully designed to make sure they get the most value out of their Infusionsoft accounts as they can get. Hopefully, through this tutorial, you can setup your own Accountability and Learning Management Systems and use these “ninja tricks” to ensure ecstatic and loyal customers, for life.

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